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Looking for a perfect luxury boat rental in Vancouver?

DK Conquest Luxury offer the best luxury boat rentals at an affordable price. We offer a wide range of boats that meet your specific cruising or adventure needs. Whether you want to go for the adventure alone or as a group, you can find luxury boats that perfectly meet your needs. The good thing is that we have invested heavily in a lot of boats because of our strong customer base, so at any given time you never miss luxury boats meeting your specifications. However, to avoid last minutes rush, we always advice our clients to book well in advance.

Full size luxury boats

As a top luxury boat rental in Vancouver Company, you can expect the best services from us. Our fleet of luxury boats can accommodate any number of passengers whether it is an intimate night of two or as a group. To enhance convenience, we like hearing from our clients about their cruising needs, so that we can help them choose a luxury boat or boats that will offer them high level satisfaction. We have a team with vast experience, so you can expect to make the right choice with our guidance. When you visit us, we show you all the boat rentals available so that you can make your own selection. We give all our clients flexibility, so you never sign fixed contracts like other boat rental companies in Vancouver do.

Available and accessible always

At DK Conquest Luxury we are always available so there so any time you need a luxury boat, you can be sure to get us. We are open seven days a week so that we can serve our clients well.  Our communication lines are also open at all times so you can get in touch for enquiries or when you have any question. Our customer representatives are always happy to serve you. The professionalism and friendliness you get from our staff cannot be matched by any other luxury boat rental in Vancouver Company.

Friendly quotes

Your small budget should never worry you when you decide to get luxury boat rental from us.  We charge a wide range of prices for the boats we provide ranging from those that go for a low price to those with high price. The one you select should be determined by the budget you have. Besides, we also give offers and discounts to our clients, so you can always check on us so that you can get your luxury boat rental at a friendlier price.  Regardless of the type of luxury boat you need, you will note that our prices are the most competitive in Vancouver.

If you do not know how to ride a luxury boat, we give you riders who are certified and accredited. Our riders have vast experience and trained to offer our clients the best experience in their adventures. We observe high safety measures to ensure that no accidents or injuries occur while you are using our luxury boat rental in Vancouver.

About us

There’s nothing quite like a private cruise on a Vancouver yacht charter. For any occasion, Metro Vancouver Yacht Charters of BC offers private yacht charters in Vancouver City. Offering a wide selection of luxury motor yachts, upscale private dinner boats, classic yacht charters and Vancouver sailboats, Metro Yacht Charters represents some of the finest luxury yacht rentals available for a Vancouver City cruise.

Vancouver Yacht Charters

Buster Skrine, cornerback for the BC Jets, hosts haunted “Halloween Bash” aboard one of our luxurious private yachts in Vancouver City.

Full-Service Private Yachts – As a premiere full-service private yacht rental company, Metro Yacht Charters specializes in Vancouver private tours, Vancouver yacht charters, Island and Alaska cruises. Offering exceptional service and cuisine, our fleet of private party boats and luxury yacht charters can accommodate any group size, whether it’s an intimate evening for two or a mega event for 1,200-passengers. For even more convenience, we offer pickup locations throughout the greater metro area including Vancouver City, Juneau, Victoria and more

Robert oliver

Famous Customer

Thanks for everything. We had a fantastic night on the Aqua Azul and everyone had a great time. The service was great. The food was great. It was the perfect kick off to two memorable days for Haakon and Jackie. Really appreciate all your coordination….we aren’t the most organised bunch but it all came together in the end. If you ever need recommendations we will be happy to give them

Robert oliver





It was an amazing evening. You were such a tremendous help. I really appreciate all of your assistance in making my daughter’s sweet 16 perfect!


The charter was excellent. The staff aboard couldn’t have bee more accommodating. Thanks for your assistance in the planning – it couldn’t have gone better. P.S. the flower arrangements were very nice – glad we finally decided to add them


It was a beautiful night and we had an amazing time. The food, staff, and service were great and attentive. The displays and cocktail hour were generous and felt so elegant. Everyone was impressed — thank you for helping us give our guests such a special experience.


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