DK rent a BMW M550i 2018 Fully Optioned in Vancouver, Canada
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BMW M550i 2018 Fully Optioned

Luxury car rentals in Vancouver

BMW M550i 2018 Fully Optioned

This is another one of those nearly M cars, isn’t it?It is indeed: the M Performance treatment, which has turned out none too shabby for the M140i, M240i and M760Li, forged into the shape of the new BMW 5 Series. Meet the new BMW M550i xDrive.The new Five is an excellent car. Best exec barge in the class bar none, and here it offers a 462bhp, 479lb ft, 4.4-litre V8. With two turbochargers, no less.Isn’t that the engine that lives in the current M5?Well spotted. Though the power figures are way down on what the outgoing M5 – and new model – will give you, this is indeed a hot-vee turbos-in-the-middle V8 sharing much with the quintessential supersaloon’s engine. Here, it offers maximum torque at a barely-there 1,800rpm. That’s dealt with by an eight-speed automatic instead of an M-honed dual-clutch gearbox, and delivered to the road via all four wheels.

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