BMW 530i New Fully Optioned

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BMW 530i New Fully Optioned

Indeed. Clearly BMW is allergic to just writing ‘PHEV’ on the bootlid of its plug-in hybrids, so it christens it like a knock-off MP3 player instead. Fortunately, the new 530e doesn’t bear the clunky iPerformance legend anywhere outwardly visible.
What sort of plug-in hybrid have we got here. Fast one?
No. Not in the mighty, all-the-power flagship vein of the new Porsche Panamera Turbo S e-hybrid. The 530e is on a par with your regular 5 Series models, and at £43,985, its price tag is slap bang in the middle of the four-cylinder 530i petrol, and the straight-six 540i. Convenient.
For that, you get a 181bhp turbocharged four-pot engine, and a 94bhp electric motor that’s squeezed directly into the eight-speed automatic gearbox. When both power sources are working at their most effective rate, you’ve got 276bhp to call upon, and a very meaty 310lb ft

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