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Address  : 1496 W 72nd Ave, Suite #207, Vancouver, BC V6P 3C8

Phone  :   778-999-RENT (7368)

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DK Conquest Luxury Renting was founded by local Vancouver Business Owner, DK, with big dreams and a strong passion for luxury cars. DK started out in the Construction and Renovation industry many years ago. Back then he learned the ins and outs of running his own business and quickly grew DK Conquest Construction to a very successful and respected company.

Our goal at DK Conquest Luxury car Rentals is to make your experience with us as luxurious and memorable as possible. Our cars are all equipped with the most up to date technology and interiors so you can experience the best of the best. We offer a variety of pick-up / drop-off options for your car rental, as well as we offer complimentary restaurant and hotel reservations. Call us to arrange your dream package!